I’m moving! To a different city 4-5 hours away from the one in which I currently reside! So on-line sales are closed until after the move; effectively until after SD BJD Con at the end of October.

Thanks for your continued support!

Adopt Me!

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Up for adoption is a Bobobie/Resinsoul Ni in light tan. I purchased her from JunkySpot in 2012.

Her color has probably mellowed a little from age, but if there has been a change, it’s even, because I can’t really tell. She has largely been kept in storage, which is why I am letting her go. She still has the company faceup, though it is not quite in perfect condition. She’s relatively easy to find clothing for, as she is roughly fashion-doll sized, though kind of flat-chested.

She will come with all the doll stuff in the photos (a pink princess dress, a wire crown I made, a tiny frog prince plushie, a Bratz skirt and top, three wigs, and eyes), as well as a padded drawstring travel bag.

I am asking for $135 $115, Priority shipping included within the US (boy, have rates gone up!). Sorry, I don’t sell overseas. The doll retails for $122 at JS, which does not include wigs, clothes, applicable taxes or shipping. I take Paypal. 24-hour hold, no layaway. I ship the next business day. If you would like to purchase, please contact me. Thank you!

Prices Reduced!

First, apologies for the extended store closure! It is back up and running, and a few items have been put on sale!

Time permitting, I have a few new pieces to put up on the store, and I’ll be adding a new section for custom doll carriers and secondhand dolls. 🙂

All Dolled Up


We’re all set for this year’s Roaring 20s-themed San Diego BJD Con! Full membership is closed, but Dealer Room tickets will be available at the door tomorrow and Sunday, with complimentary parking. 🙂 Visit us in the Presidio Ballroom at the Handlery Hotel.  In the meantime, the on-line shop will be closed through Thanksgiving.

Extended Store Closure

I’m having some technical issues with Storenvy and I’m not certain I’ve been receiving all of my mail since I updated my contact information, so the store will be down indefinitely while I get that sorted out.  The contact form on this site is still working if you need to get in touch with me.