1/3 Scale Ladies

Limhwa and Iplehouse

My Limhwa Half-Elf arrived last Friday.  She and Nina have been hanging out in her Limhwa box for most of that time, because my office does not have any window coverings and oh my gosh Nina seems SO YELLOW compared to her.  Of course, Nina is from a different company, plus she is three years old and has been out in the World.  But looking at her old arrival pictures, I think she must once have been as creamy.

I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a name for her.  Nina was pretty much Nina when she arrived.  I can’t really remember having a lot of other ideas for her- she was just dreamy Nina.  This one was supposed to be Petra, but when she arrived she seemed too gentle and sweet for Petra.  Petra should have more attitude.

So, after a week of mulling it over, she’s Erianthe.


It’s supposed to be Greek for “lover of flowers” or “sweet as flowers” or something like that.  I wanted to give her a flower name (plus Limhwa is supposed to mean “flower in the woods”), but something more unusual than Rose or Viola or Lily.  She was almost Aster/Astrid, except that I can just hear my husband over-emphasizing the first syllable of her name.  I used to also like the names Anisette and Anaïs before he ruined those.  😛

So, she’s Erianthe, or Anthea, or Annie.